What is the draft includes

What is in the draft, what it includes?

Private house project done by us in two stages: EP (graphic design) and RD (working documentation). More details about these stages of the work, you can read further, and is brief:
EP consists of the sections of the GP (general plan) – sample.pdf; and AP (architecture) – sample.pdf

RD is divided into sections AR (architecture) and COP (construction), and can also be equipped with sections of the IP (engineering networks – water supply, sewerage, heating, ventilation, power supply), GP (general plan), AI (interiors), CC (Communication and alarm ).

More detail.


Step EP a conceptual design, performed the general site plan and architecture of the house.

 Master Plan part of the EP Sample At the first stage it is necessary to determine the planting home layout engineering devices and networks in the area, landscaping principles Master Plan part of the EP Sample.pdf

 Architectural part of the EP Sample By understanding how the house is located on the site, you can take up the plans and elevations; it – fundamental decisions, where architectural and consumer aspects will be addressed fully, and design and engineering – the main and decisive; Architectural part of the EP Sample.pdf

Stage RD – working documentation

It consists of sections AR (architecture) и COP (construction), and can also be equipped with sections of the OM (heating and ventilation), WS (water and sewage), EE (electrical), GP (general planning), AI (interiors), СС (Communication and alarm). At this stage, the architect develops detailed solutions (AR section), Designer (Section COP) – solutions of foundations, slabs, lintels over the windows, roofs and stairs.

working documentation, sampleАР – архитектурный раздел – RD, section AR Sample.pdf;

КС – constructive section
COP section Sample.pdf

constructive section, sample

OM – heating and ventilation section
WS – Water supply and sewerage section
EE – Electrical section
ES – engineering systems (includes sections OM + WS + EE);
CS – low-voltage systems (communication and signaling system, developed only in the RD stage);
AI – interior architecture (developed at the stage of EP or RD);
Approved part of the project – done by us (if applicable) to order the manufacture of building a passport in the regional department of architecture (with the seal of the architect and certified copy of the certificate application).

What is not included in our project:
Estimate. Can be carried out by an independent estimator or contractor (superintendent).
PPR – work performance project, carried out by the contractor. It may include: temporary projects of buildings and roads, necessary only for the time of construction; routings building processes; Calculations formwork, calculation and drawing of excavation, etc.

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