The price and terms

Date and time-consuming
Project cost
Advisory assistance in the site selection

The individual house project: time and time-consuming

Draft project of a private house we do in 3 – 6 weeks, RD – 4 – 8 weeks. If one version of the general plan of the building or planning decisions will not be enough to make the right choice, the additional variant of development will be performed acc. adjusted estimates and schedule.
When can we take your property to work, can be found on the basis of the current state of orders and plans for further work – see the plans for the current year.

Project cost

The estimate for the project at home is given in the form of a “menu” – you can select certain elements of design work. By default, the estimates are allocated without exception, the basic design work, but you can refuse any of them. For example, if the building will be built in the absence of any buildings around (residential, public, industrial buildings), and landing of the building for you – it is clear and has already been settled, that of developing the general site planning (GP), he may refuse.

You can order only the architectural design (AR) decision of the General site plan (section GP) or more and Shop drawing (RD) for the construction of a part of the partition AR (Architecture), SI (Structural engineering). You can also order to develop the PI (plumbing engineering design) – water supply and sewerage projects at home, electricity, heating and hot water, mechanical ventilation and central air-conditioning at home.
An example of the development of conceptual design to the complete AR + SI.

Note:  Section AR (architecture) also provides basic solutions internal wiring water and sanitation, as well as a complete solution of natural ventilation of premises (with built-in channels and natural draft).
To calculate the cost of the project, double-click in the cell of total area of the building (it is originally active and contains the “800” value) and enter your value of the area there.

Please wait for calculation module  loading …


Advisory assistance in the site selection
If necessary, we can connect to the site assessment capabilities and conduct a visual inspection of its on-site. In a on-site survey measurement of dimensions (area, buildings and constructions) will done – at the site and in the immediate vicinity (at the physical features and at a distance of 6 meters from the border, the accuracy of up to 0.25 m), photographic images of objects on the ground.

Immediately, on the site, given the initial report with recommendations on data refinement (may appeal to the local architectural supervision actual restrictions on building or survey of local residents in order to detect certain signs of a problem).

Then, in a desk mode, analyzed all the available data and is performed the area restrictions circuit (with the possible construction delineation spots), in view of building codes and engineering capabilities area, and given Maximized advisory opinion (Sample 1, Sample 2).

The cost of departure for an examination of opportunities for assessment – UAH 2300 (for the city of Kiev and Kiev region, excluding transport costs), deadline – 2 – 3 days. Cost estimation done remotely (based on data provided by the customer aerospace and photographing) – 1500 UAH, deadline – 1 day.

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