Initial data for design

What is need for

1. Design assignment;
2. Duty cadastral plan copy
3. Constraints imposed on the project by the local authorities (MUOZZD);
4. Soils geological investigations of site;
add.1 (for areas in the city or with active relief) – Site topographical plan;
add.2 (for sites on landslide-prone slopes) – Slope calculation;
add.3 (for the reconstruction) – Technical inspection and measurements of the building

Learn more about some of the elements of the list

Design assignment – the list of requirements for a building in text or graphic form (floor space and equipment, the construction of the walls, the method of heating, etc.) – see. Sample;

“MUOZZD” (“Mіstobudіvnі Umovy i Obmezhennya Zabudovy Zemelnoyi Dіlyanki” – urban conditions and limitations) issued by the local architecture; actually not in all settlements of Ukraine, in particular for low-rise buildings.

“TU” – technical conditions for connecting to local networks vodprovoda, gas, etc.
Topographical surveying – topographical plan of the site and surrounding area with the application of underground utilities.

Geology section – data on the physical – mechanical properties of soils, spot construction (layers at depth the possible impact on foundation bearing).

Calculation of the slope – with terraced structure of the slopes can be dangerous slippage, and this slope should be checked by his calculation on the slip; this chain of wells drilled, and tables of physical materials – mechanical properties of soils made the calculation. Calculation of the slope gives the plane a potential slip slope weight (if any) and the amount of lateral pressure pad stop portion.

Measurements of the building – made up of two types of work: the actual measurements, and execute drawings on them; It may be purely planirovochnymi (only in terms of size) and volumetric – planning (size and horizontal and vertical volume of the building)

Technical inspection of the building – an instrumental measurement of physical – mechanical properties of building structures (cut piece bearing walls, foundation or slab, and the test of its strength);

What’s on this list must be in a particular case

“MUOZZD” – urban conditions and limitations – the need for this element is not determined by the developer and the local authorities (its architectural units, if any); on the current practice is issued for multi-storey building, on the same private homes up to 3 floors – only in Kyiv and perhaps in other major cities.

“TU” to connect to local utilities are taken at the request of the developer.

Topographical surveying needed in cases of construction in urban areas (in which case the application must also be local authority boundaries of land tenure in the topographical surveying), and outside the city – in the case of the construction area with a pronounced relief.

Geology section is always needed. On any construction site possible occurrence of soil with such properties, which would require a special type of foundations. This may be the loess soil which have subsidence capacity (compressed under load when wet), peaty soils, which are also compressed under load (and even in the dry state), quicksand. Having a platform near future construction of other buildings not indicated complete the welfare of the geological structure of the terrain, as their ability to withstand adverse events have not been tested life.

Measurements and Technical inspection of buildings needed in the reconstruction and Technical inspection – for such a structure, the strength of structures in which there is a reasonable doubt.

Where do I get the initial data

“MUOZZD” (urban conditions and limitations) – the local authorities represented by the architectural division (if any).

“TU” to connect to a local engineering networks – in the offices of these services; regulatory specifications – the relevant local government supervision and regulation (SES, the Society for Protection of Monuments); questionnaires to connect to a local engineering networks fills engineer – designer on the basis of the calculation of the required amount of the requested resource.

Topographical surveying and Geology section, measurement and Technical inspection of buildings are carried out by order of the builder specialized organization (license); job Geology and Technical inspection forms designer – Designer


Obtaining initial data for designing is the duty of the customer. Naturally, with the technical assistance of the designer – filling in questionnaires, computing resource requirements, advisory support.

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