Supervision and support


авторский надзор на стройкеSupervision a check of compliance with the author of the project that is built.
There are more technical supervision, it is – for conformity of work (and materials) construction standards, quality standards and technological cards work.
Technical supervision on major construction projects carried out by specialists (or group of experts) with building education and experience; Low-rise construction, as a rule – the developer himself.

The practice of supervision in Ukraine today

To date, authorities entered the construction supervision of the practice of obligatory conduct technical supervision of the customer, with a specialist should be certified. I will not reveal a big secret if I say that such supervision is usually done only “for show” and certified specialists, without leaving the construction site, affix signatures and seals on documents that need to DABI. Of course, there are real tehnadzorschiki (in the course of the name “building control”, “building a lawyer”, “quality lawyer”, etc.), consisting of practitioners in firms or on their own.
But more often the owner himself conducts technical supervision, to the best of their knowledge and availability of time.

Our role in the process of building a house for our project, and in particular, the construction of the building shell, we see how to denser construction supervision, often not limited to the author’s part of it. On request, we carry out the developer not only the author, but also a comprehensive supervision, including the quality control and construction works.

For Kiev and its environs is performed on-site supervision; for remote objects – keyless supervision (assistance in determining the quality of work performed on photographic images, a handbook to check the next stage of construction works).
Support of construction is carried out by us in any way, wherever he is an object of construction – is the explanation of drawings, part in the choice of materials, builders prompt solution of issues, if necessary, adjustment of the project.

Conducting surveillance technology.
Технология ведения надзора, кладка ПоротермWhat tracks author of the project on the construction of low-rise apartment building, you can see in the following sample – a plan for conducting works on supervision in the construction of the house of aerated concrete:

of visible and hidden stages of construction works
which carried out supervision and technical supervision of the customer

№ p / n | stage name | the frequency of check-ups

1 | Reinforcement of the foundation soles | once
2 | Foundation walls and waterproofing. | once
3 | Acceptance axes (surveyors) | once
4 | Laying series of aerated concrete wall | constantly
5 | Reinforcement masonry aerated concrete wall | constantly
6 1. | Laying the first fifteen rows of brick walls (ligation corners, seams dimension).
6 2. | The smoke and ventilation ducts in the walls (lining the inner surface of the channel and reinforcement). | by floor
6 3. | Laying of the first five rows of gas-concrete walls (ligation angles). | once
7 | Reinforcement jumpers 1st floor
8 | Reinforcement monolithic belt
9 1. | Overlapping on the 1st floor (plates already laid, monolithic zaarmirovany areas, but not filled with concrete).
9 2. | The smoke and ventilation ducts in the walls (lining the inner surfaces of the channels).
10 | Reinforcement jumpers 2nd floor
1. 11 | Construction ladder frame (the correct implementation of the joint units and supporting structures, welds)
11 2. | The smoke and ventilation ducts in the walls (lining the inner surface of channels, availability and compliance with the design inlets)
12 | Roof construction. The metal frame (the correct implementation of the joint units and supporting structures, welds)
13 | Roof construction. Wood construction (properly made joint assemblies and bearing structures)
14 | The device roofing (insulation, ventilation and steam)
15 | Construction of floors of the 1st floor (laying insulation layer)
16 | Construction of floors of the 1st floor (waterproofing)
17 | Construction of floors of the 2nd floor (soundproofing). balcony floor device the 2nd floor (waterproofing)
18 Controlling the volume of construction works – every month, at the signing of the Contractor acts protsentovaniya work performed. | constantly

Control of reinforced concrete structures for compliance with design decisions:

1. The protective layer.
2. Rods Compounds .
3. Rods diameters and pitches.

Conditions for full-time architectural supervision:

1. Check for a visit – with the full readiness of the stage for inspection, by a telephone call. Check – no later than one day after such notice. Time of arrival of the designer object is coordinated with the contractor and the. supervision of the customer.
2. During the inspection the presence of the object of the responsible person of the contractor be sure, however, otherwise the inspection object is carried out in the usual manner.
3. As a result of the inspection made a log entry field supervision (in the designer and builder of copies). The record may contain a drawing with the decision of a question that arose during the construction.
4. Entries in the journal shall be signed by the designer, the contractor and the. supervision of the customer.
5. If necessary, make adjustments to the design decisions caused by a discrepancy in the figures, such adjustments are made by the designer in the architectural supervision magazine in the form of a drawing or writing (if possible). If unable to immediately give the solution of this problem the designer performs the adjustment of the drawing in the workplace within the next two business days. Payment for such work is not done.
6. If necessary, make adjustments to the design decisions caused by the desire to accommodate the contractor’s design solutions to fit their capabilities, such adjustments may be made by the designer in accordance with the procedure described in Sec. 5 of the Terms. Payment for such work is done by the customer under the exposed account planner.
7. Control the volume of work performed by the contractor at the place of work of the designer, comparing declared for payment volumes with volumes calculated in the project. Payment of such work is included in the payment for supervision in the same manner. Measurements of volume of work performed does the contractor.
8. Implementation of the hidden works (hydro, steam and heat insulation, reinforcement, ventilating and smoke channels) formalized instruments for such work; They are prepared by the contractor and signed by the three parties: the designer, the contractor and the. supervision of the customer (if any).
9. Inspection of the object is accompanied by photofixing designer of the construction elements, which are subject to inspection under this departure, as well as photofixing object as a whole. Photofixation performed to the extent and form of which are necessary for the designer to his work.
10. The compliance check is carried out visually, measuring lengths and heights of structural elements is performed. If necessary, the tool checks such by a specialized agent (within the partner program).

Remote supervision – without distance limitations

Технология ведения надзора, проверка армированияFor distant objects is performed in absentia supervision and maintenance of construction (aid in the interpretation of drawings, selection of materials and articles). Supervision is carried out by following the instructions for the control of a particular stage of construction works with the application of photos from the archive of architect (as correctly performing this work, and how wrong). It makes remote verification of the completeness of the work – the photos of the building and its fragments from the construction site.




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