Architectural Design

This stage is called the Architectural Design (abbreviated as “EP” – Eskizny Proekt), sometimes The Project (“P”). On the EP stage defines all the fundamental solutions for the building. The result – a drawing master plan and architectural decisions, and if necessary also a three-dimensional computer model.

Before you start – familiarization with the site and the surrounding area. The easiest way to do this, go to the place, but no worse and photos plus shooting data from satellites. It is necessary to determine the location of the house, the entrance to his height; sometimes the terrain and environment that a prompt and stylistic direction.

Схема містобудівних обмежень і пляма можливостей забудовиThe first step in the work – plan to put on a lot line restrictions, and get a spot potential development.
What are the limitations we have in mind:
1. The distance from the border and on the streets;
2. Sanitary and fire breaks from houses on adjacent areas.
3. The distance from the power lines, engineering structures, water features, if they are within walking distance;
4. Unfavorable geological conditions (landslide slope, peat bedding spot, and so on)

Принципова схема генерального плану ділянкиNow, knowing the building spot opportunities, can make the concept of the building on the site.
This concept makes a circuit where the main show buildings and structures. The aim of such a scheme – zoning of the site where the different part will have its own architectural sense. Most often, the scheme is being developed in several variants.

Генеральний план ділянкиIn the master plan the site, we place all conceived in Vol. H. And in the future. In addition to the home it can be a guest house or a bath, outdoor pool or gazebo, stream or pond, garage, outdoor or indoor parking, etc.
In addition to the general plan, the scheme is on the site utilities, and landscaping scheme, marking drawing and job geologists.

Принципова планувальна схема першого поверху будинкуSimultaneously with the placement of the house we do schematic layout of the first floor (and sometimes several versions). It is important to do at this stage – the placement of the building – because we need to get in the layout of the house not only the amenities, and architectural quality – views from the windows, terraces, ease of inputs and outputs from the house.

And then comes the turn of the project at home. Continuing started on stage master plan, finalized accepted concept.
Here, we address the most important thing – where is the staircase, entrance and kitchen area, living room, specific areas of the windows, terraces. At this stage it is possible and adjustment instructions of the customer, if the scheme has revealed previously unseen features.
At the same time address issues of structures, ventilation, placement santeh. equipment. And yet out of sight is not lost image of the future of the building, because the next stage – the facades and sections.

фасад традиционной архитектурыWith facades and cuts, as a rule, you can fully experience a form of “body” of the building – for the houses of traditional architecture. Deciding on the image of the building facades, the architect can then be completely sure that in nature the building will be perceived in the same way.

фасад современной архитектурыAnother thing – the house with the free form of the “body” of the building, where the facade alone do not give a full understanding of the architecture of the house, and its image from different angles opens in new ways. Here, it is desirable to make at least a simplified computer model, and the right to work in it with the form.

see an example of the development of conceptual design of a private house

download Preliminary Design example from cloud






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