The Working documentation stage

The Working documentation (RD) stage.

Home project on the Working documentation (RD) stage may be more or less voluminous.

It can consist only of the architectural section (AR) – see sample;
or architecturally – building sections – architecture (AR) and designs (KS) – see sample AR + sample KS;
or in addition include engineering – heating and ventilation (OV), water supply and sewerage (VC), electrical equipment (EE), and consist of architectural and design solutions, plus engineering systems = AR + KS + OV + VC + EE;

In some cases the RD is required to perform and also to landscape greening (called section GP), or for interiors (section AI).

Now working documentation sections in detail.
Section GP
Section GP working documents (RD) consists of three subsections:

1. Vertical planning – see sample.
This is – a detailed plan of the surface portion to decisions for wastewater disposal and working with relief;
Working drawings for the builders:
1. The vertical layout;
2. Plan and earth mass cartogram excavation;
3. Plan retaining wall with a height mark;

2. Accomplishment and landscaping – see landscaping sample.
These drawings provide exact solutions for paths, retaining walls and other landscaping elements: courts, gazebo, pond, alpine slide (in the development of policy decisions at the stage of “EP”); in the gardening section placed trees and shrubs (including seasonality of flowering and others.).

Working drawings for the builders:
1. an  Accomplishment detailed plan with the specification used standard elements (benches, flower pots, etc.)
2. The figures for individual architectural elements (retaining walls, flower, pergolas, trellises and so forth.), Architecture and Constructions.
3. The arrangement details of the hardand lawn surfaces (bumpers, trays, coating compositions);
4. a detailed Landscaping plan with the shrubs, trees, lawn specifications (what and how much);

3. Stead Installations and Equipment – see the network plan sample.
It may be watering system, electricity and water supply, rainwater drainage, electric heating coating, drainage, etc., with all the necessary elements (profiles sewerage, wiring diagrams, outlines solutions for water supply, etc.).; parts designed hardware specifications will be developed.

AR Section 

Working Documents (RD) AR (architectural) Section  you can see in this example – RD Siverka project, AR section (demo version).
It consists of these elements:

РД, раздел АР, планAssembly Plans.
The house consists of walls – and all the rest. On the assembly plans shows the equipment at home: stairs, porch, decorations, engineering equipment (sanitary equipment, boiler, boiler, risers VC systems – water and sewage, heating, air inlets and air ventilation system (natural or mechanical). , windows, doors, hatches, pergolas, fences, etc.
The elements are provided with links to detailed drawing or on the name of the finished product. These figures are for the superintendent, who must plan the work of artists, linking stages between them.

РД, раздел АР проекта дома, план кладочный - образецMasonry drawings.
It’s  masonry plans, masonry details, the ventilation and flue channels arrangement – without all the home equipment.
For buildings with complex modern architecture (such as Siverka project) made masonry sweep wall – drawings of facades, as it were “removed” finish to the builders clearly have seen the walls, not doing quite complex analytical work – comparing masonry plans with cuts. These figures – for working masons, the most easily understood.

РД, раздел АР проекта дома, разрез - образецThe building Sections.
The drawings of the cross sections that show the internal structure of the house – the height, size,  joint units and certain elements arrangement details (with reference to the sheet with detailed study of the site or parts). These drawings are addressed to the foreman, for the organization of work.
The peculiarity of our projects – the ultimate detail and completeness of information. The project can not be considered complete if the builder has something to think out and decide doing uncharacteristically hard.

Assembly house elevationsAssembly house elevations.
Shows the external structure and equipment facade house, marked and marks of heights.
Given the details and façade elements with sizes and bindings – standard (fences, roof windows) and individual (pergolas, trellises, brackets, corbels and cornices, etc.).
On the individual elements the drawings are developed (see Details).

РД, раздел АР проекта дома, фасады отделочные- образецFinishing house elevations.
Finishing house elevations show finish in the details, displaying its types and references to device components. Another name for this part of the project – an elevations passport.


РД, раздел АР проекта дома, узлы - образецNodes.
Give solutions for articulation of different designs – the wall from the balcony slab, balcony with a side plate or door opening, cover plate with ventilation channel, intermediate floor slabs with walls. Compositions floors, terraces and roof coverings (pitched and flat), the facades facing the device. Nodes warming device, waterproofing and finishing of balconies and terraces.


РД, раздел АР проекта дома, детали - образецDetails
Decisions of building elements: staircases, porches and terraces; facade decoration elements (brackets, corbels and cornices); fences, pergolas and trellises; doors and windows specifications; insulation scheme laying on plans konvertovki slopes covers and so on.


And also:
Baffles plans, terraces and balconies floors inclines,  the task of the risers setting and pipelines devices of the home;
Calculation of masonry walls and partitions, square pitched roof coverings and its equipment.
Our difference is that we give to all, without exception, or parts of the building to minimize the need for solutions during construction. Moreover, if such decisions will be made by builders.

архитектурный раздел, демо-версияWorking Documents (RD) AR (architectural) Section  you can see in this example – RD Siverka project, AR section (demo version).


KS Section

Working documents (RD) KS Section you can see in this example – RD Siverka project KS Section (demo version).
It may consist of two sections – KJ and KD (the concrete construction and wood construction).

What’s in these sections:

foundation solutions (KJ);
reinforced concrete overlapping plates (KJ);
monolithic sections of overlapping plates (KJ);
wooden overlapping plates (KD);
columns and pillars (KJ or KD);
beams and crosspieces (KJ or KD);
pitched roof structures (KD);
bearing elements of ladders (KJ).

Working designs drawings includes specifications for used building materials and products (the amount of concrete, metal prefabricated concrete products).

How the working drawings done: the design kitchen 

For example, foundations.
The construction Designer performs calculations based on the site geology data and load on the house wall. To do this, he must immediately decide on which wall will be based slab and roof, and what – no. That is a policy decision for each part of the building – a laid floor slabs, roof structure, beams and purlins.
Further – calculate the load on each of the walls of the building from top to bottom, from the top down to the foundation. In this way, it turns out the foundations pressure on the foundation soil. If there is data on the geological composition of the soil, the first step is determined by the depth of the foundations, and the second – the width of the sole. Depth of the d. B. not less than the depth of soil freezing (and that too according to geology), the width of the base tape will be greater, the greater the load on the walls and lower the strength of the soil. By selecting the optimum is their width.
Thus, the calculations (by the regulatory procedure) performed, and now the designer-designer makes the drawings:
foundations and the circuit layout specifications (number of materials and components)
reinforced concrete foundations sections
For this scheme are carried out and all the other solutions house structures and their drawings:

Reinforced concrete overlapping plates circuit layout  with the specification of materials and components;
Monolithic sections of overlapping plates with the specification of materials and components;
Trimmer joists scheme (wood or metal) with the specification of elements;
Pitched roof circuit elements (wood or metal) with the specification of elements;
Pitched roof underroofing beams scheme (wooden or metal) with the specification of elements;
Pitched roof sections
Metal underroofing elements – beams, frames
Pitched roof units and details

If you order a set of AR + KS (architectural and construction solutions, without the Engineering Systems), basic decisions on water supply and sanitation, we perform as part of the architectural section, there will be solved and the system of natural ventilation of premises.
The rest of the engineering sections, whose influence on the building is not so much a box, can be performed forces firms – contractors (their system design they make conditionally free).

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